Utility Installation

RMS Instrument & Electric LLC is an experienced utility installation and maintenance company.  We manage an in house fleet of well-maintained equipment including excavators, loaders, and trenchers along with bucket trucks and a plow with the capacity to handle any scale project both overhead and underground.

We have erected and actively maintain high voltage power distribution systems and employ highly trained staff capable of completing any project in a safe manner.  We pride ourselves and reliable power service with quick response times to any and all outages and interruptions.   Our driven staff will work with you from the planning and design stages to completion to accomplish customer specific distribution.

We have also installed and actively maintain miles of underground power distribution lines and terminations both high and low voltage.  We are experienced in VFI, transformer, sectionalizer, and switch gear installation and maintenance along with fault location and repair.  We utilize our plow to lay in miles of wire and marking tape quickly with very little ground disturbance.  We are also able to safely and easily traverse terrain that would require extensive remodeling for equipment using traditional burial methods to navigate.  This coupled with speed and the reduced right of way requirements creates an ideal cost savings that is passed to the customer.  We also Hi-Pot test all lines and terminations to exceed operational voltage to ensure seamless start up and identify any issues before they create a fault scenario.

In addition to power distribution, our plow allows us the added ability to plow in polyethylene pipeline of up to 4” at a depth of up to 5 ½ feet, all the while laying tracer wire in contact with the pipe and marking tape at a depth of your choosing.  Employing all the benefits utilized during underground power distribution, we are able to install pipe far faster and more accurately than traditional methods with very little ground disturbance.  By also limiting the amount of equipment and manpower needed to install significant lengths of pipe quickly there is a significant increase in safety combined with an equally significant cost savings.  Our adaptability has allowed us to install multiple runs of smaller diameter pipes simultaneously as well.

We are committed to providing timely, accurate, and cost effective solutions to any problem that you may encounter.  With our commitment to safety, our highly trained and experienced staff are sure complete all projects and exceed your expectations with the ability to perform fusing, crossings, high voltage terminations, or ancillary equipment installation, all while delivering a safe, economical and reliable final product.

Plow Poly Loaded