HydroVac Services

In our continued effort to facilitate seamless project completion, RMS now offers in house HydroVac services. Our highly experienced personnel are able to easily coordinate project details to ensure timely and accurate service, with all aspects handled in a single call. Our high capacity tanks allow us to maximize the amount of work that can be completed in a single load and minimize down time, and the all-in-one unit allows us to deploy with the minimal amount of manpower. Our extended boom and hose additions allow us to complete non-disruptive excavations of any scale, and with no threat of damage to existing infrastructure. In addition to excavation, we can utilize our equipment for vessel cleaning, and our high intake vacuum has the ability to function as a secondary containment during the completion processes, minimizing environmental impact and saving on clean up time and cost.  The versatility of our technicians and equipment allows us to safely and effectively free others to complete tasks in a safe and productive manner.